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Diane Franklin

We are thrilled to be honoring this years Lifetime Achievement Award to Diane Franklin for her groundbreaking performance in pop culture films.

Some of Diane's acting credits include Better Off Dead, The Last American Virgin, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Tori Kay

Special Live Performance

Tori is best known for her performances in Next LevelThe Ultimate Unboxed! Show: Calling All B.B.s, and Teens Wanna Know.

Doug Jones

McKenzie Westmore

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Kelli Maroney

Jillian Barberie

Cynthia Rothrock

Katie Lohmann

Brooke Lewis Bellas

Naomi Grossman

Rick Overton

Michole Briana White

Sue Wong

Adam Korson

Siobhan Dillon

Eugenia Kuzmina

Ron Russell & Jimmy Star

Tania Raymonde

Bekka Prewitt

Sara Coates

Katie O'Hagan

Maggie Robertson

Andi Norris

Aaron LaPlante

Kira Reed Lorsch

Avery Pohl

Bill Smitrovich

Devanny Pinn

Elaine Ballace

Elise Muller

Elizabeth Rice

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

Lauren Gravitt

Max Wasa

Mike Ferguson

Philipp Maxmilian

Reggie De Leon

Regi Davis

Richard Portnow

Sadie Katz

Sheri Davis

Terasa Sciortino

Sarah French

Tuesday Knight

... and many more