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Doug Jones

We are thrilled to be honoring this years Lifetime Achievement Award to Doug Jones for his iconic work in Hollywood filmmaking.

Some of Doug's acting credits include The Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Star Trek: Discovery and much more

Special Performance

Bonnie Gordon

Jon Matteson

Barbara Crampton

Rachel Pizzolato

Cynthia Rothrock

Shelby Young

Cerina Vincent

Spencer Grammer

Dylan Saunders

Nancy O’Brien

Massimiliano Cerchi

Stefan Holdbrook

Devanny Pinn

Chad Edward Lee Evett

Sadie Katz

YNG Luck

Jaime Lyn Beatty

Hayley Marie Norman

Zeno Robinson

Tessa Netting

Joe Moses

Chris Williams

Jessica DiCicco

Jeff Bergman

Fred Tatasciore

Julie Nathason

Adam McArthur

Danielle Larracuente

Steven L. Sears

Denise G. Sanchez

Rob Richards

House Organist Disney’s El Capitan Theatre
Hollywood, International concert and recording artist

Vera VanGuard

Kevin Porter

Sarah Buehler

Lindsay Farris

Izzie Florez

Mary Kate Wiles

Curt Mega

Mariah Rose Faith

... And many more special guests to be announced soon